Fall Break 2015

Author: Tara MacLeod

       Designed as a multi-disciplinary study of the culture of An Ghaeltacht (Ireland’s Irish-language regions), participants in Ireland’s Edge studied this culturally unique region from various perspectives: linguistic, historical, archeological, political, musical and geographical. While on the island, they participated in guided tours led by experts in medieval studies, early Christianity and local history and  explored the island’s rich literature, heritage, folklore and marine culture. In addition to exploring the main island, students solidified their classroom experience with firsthand experiences and encounters and had day-trips to Inis Meán and Goruma islands. Cultural encounters included fishing in traditional boats, attending local religious services and rituals.  Students participated in 2 theatre workshops  with Fíbín,  and Irish language theatre company.  Under the guidance of Paul Mercier, a nationally renowned theatre director, they wrote, rehearsed and performed a group piece in the Irish language.