Senior Thesis and Honors Guidelines

Students with a passion for Irish language and literature may choose to write a senior thesis or a senior honors thesis to crown their studies at Notre Dame. Students should identify a topic in spring of junior year in consultation with a faculty advisor, and then arrange to take a two-course sequence of directed readings with their advisor, doing research and reading in fall and writing the thesis in early spring.

Requirements for Irish Language and Literature Senior Thesis.
(i) Students must be an Irish Language and Literature Major or Supplementary Major.
(ii) Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the Irish Language and Literature Major.
(iii) Students must enroll in IRLL 48001 in the fall semester and IRLL 48002 in the spring semester of their senior year.
(iv) The thesis may be written in either Irish or English.
(v) The thesis should be 35 – 40 pages in total length. 
(vi) Students should identify a prospective advisor in the Irish Language and Literature Department during the spring semester of their junior year and discuss their proposed topic and plan for the fall-spring sequence in their senior year. The topic must be related to Irish language literature and/or culture.

To receive Honors, students must meet the above criteria, and additionally
(i) Maintain a 3.5 GPA in the Irish Language and Literature Major.
(ii) Receive an A or A- for the thesis
(iii) Present their thesis work publicly. i.e. at Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Scholar’s Conference held each May, or another suitable forum.

IRLL 48001: Senior Thesis I (3 credits graded S/U)

This course is to be taken in the fall semester of senior year. This course is focused on research for the thesis. Students will meet regularly with their advisor and develop a research topic.  By the end of September the student will submit a 1 – 2 page statement on the proposed thesis topic to the DUS, which has been signed by their advisor. By the beginning of December the student will submit, to the DUS and signed by their advisor, a comprehensive reading list, which will be used in their research.  The reading list should include primary sources in Irish. By the beginning of December, students should have completed significant progress in their research and might have begun the writing process. At the end of the semester the advisor will give a written assessment and a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade based on the student’s work and progress during the semester. If a student receives an unsatisfactory grade they will not be allowed to proceed to the second semester.

IRLL 48002: Senior Thesis II (3 credits standard grade)

This course, taken in the spring semester of senior year, will focus on the writing and submission of the thesis. Final copies will be soft bound and submitted in triplicate to the department during the first week of April. The thesis should be between 35 – 40 pages in length. The thesis will be read and graded by the advisor and one other faculty member.