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Sarah McKibben Awarded ACLS Fellowship

IRLL Congratulates Sarah McKibben on ACLS Fellowship

Sarah McKibben, an associate professor in the Department of Irish Language and Literature, has been awarded an ACLS Fellowship for her project Tradition Transformed: Bardic Poetry and Patronage in Early Modern Ireland, c.1560-1660. For nearly 100 years providing fellowships for scholars in the humanities and related social sciences has been one of the signal activities of ACLS. …

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IRLL 2017 Senior Thesis Projects

College of Arts and Letters — 2017 Senior Thesis Projects
Caelin Moriarity Miltko
•Major: English
•Supplementary Major: Irish Language and Literature
•Minor: Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy
•Adviser: Diarmuid Ó Giolláin
Language, Folklore, and Literature in Native America and Ireland
My thesis is a comparison of 19th-century folklore and contemporary poetry/language use in Irish, Navajo, and Cree. I explore the way that folklore has shaped perceptions of these groups and the way that language and folklore have been used to reclaim identity in recent years. I grew up in Montana and witnessed part of the language revival process on Native American reservations near my hometown. When I began studying Irish, I became aware of how large the issue of minority languages actually is, and I became intrigued by the ways that those movements intersect and diverge.

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