The Department of Irish Language and Literature offers undergraduate minors Irish Language and Literature and in Irish Studies. 

Minor in Irish Language and Literature

Kathleen Bracke
Irish language and literature minor Kathleen Bracke wrote and produced a short film with a cast of native Irish speakers.

To qualify for a minor in Irish Language and Literature, you must:

  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency in the Irish language by passing: Intermediate Irish I and Intermediate Irish II.
  • Complete three 3-credit courses offered by the Department of Irish Language & Literature, 2 of which must be courses at the 30000 level or above.

No capstone essay is required.

For more information, please contact:

Heather Stanfiel, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Interdisciplinary Minor in Irish Studies

Undergraduates in all of Notre Dame's colleges and schools are able to earn an Irish Studies minor.

The requirements are straightforward and conducive to opportunities at the University for study in Ireland:

  • Five 3-credit courses or 15 credits cross-listed with Irish Studies. The classes can be in such departments as Anthropology, English, History, Irish Language and Literature, Political Science, and Film, Television, and Theatre.
  • Examples of undergraduate courses include Beginning Irish, Great Irish Writers, Ireland on Screen, The Fighting Irish: A History, Women's Voices, Archaeology of Ireland, The Northern Ireland "Troubles," and Irish Folklore. Some classes offer the opportunity for travel to Ireland.
  • In lieu of one of the five courses, students may take an independent study with a Keough-Naughton Institute faculty fellow.
  • The five classes can be taken on the Notre Dame home campus, the Dublin Global Gateway (O'Connell House), or the National University of Ireland Galway.

[Please note: Classes in the Irish language are encouraged but not required.]

For more information, please contact:

Heather Stanfiel, Director of Undergraduate Studies