Notre Dame Students In Ireland

Fáilte! Welcome!

The only one of its kind in North America, the Department of Irish Language and Literature gives undergraduate students a variety of opportunities to engage academically with Irish language, literature, and culture.

In the minor in Irish language and literature, our world-class faculty teach students Irish (Gaelic) — the indigenous language of Ireland and the voice of the oldest vernacular literature in Europe — and help them to explore Irish literature and folklore originating in, or shaped by, its native language across more than 1,500 years, right up to the present.

In the minor in Irish studies students engage in the interdisciplinary study of Ireland, including such fields as Irish language, folklore, history, literature in Irish and English, music, anthropology, archaeology, Africana Studies, dance, film, American Studies, and more, working in close collaboration with faculty in the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies

Learning with these scholars, both within and beyond the classroom, gives students a unique knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Irish culture and traditions. The time they spend studying the Irish language not only furthers this knowledge but also enhances their ability to study abroad in Ireland in Notre Dame's Dublin Program, at the National University of Ireland, Galway, and in various summer programs in Donegal, Galway, and Kerry.

Our students leave Notre Dame having received an education that enriches their understanding of the humanities and world culture and translates to any number of careers.

Careers for Irish students


The Department of Irish Language and Literature welcomes your support in any number of ways. We value the time, talent, and treasure of our graduates and friends and welcome collaborative efforts to further our work. Make a gift here or connect with the department about other ways to get involved.